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- Hi I'm Karen! I love creative art, writing and I absolutely love Mother Earth or Gaia. I also love to see people empowered and appreciate authentic expression. All children and youth are valued and, thus, my book, Shades, was born.


I took a herbology workshop years ago, grew, planted, gathered, dried, made salves and tinctures and treated my children with them as they grew up. My work with herbs was very limited after I moved to Swan River but this year it has been renewed. I love the whole process!


Artwork is also a passion, especially original art. My leaf art, a series of six pictures, is a tribute to our Earth mother. All the pictures show some aspect of Her - Mother or divine feminine energy, Bliss bc it’s peaceful to be with Her, Happy Elf bc that’s how I feel when I’m with Her, Child bc she reminds us to be present, Wisdom bc she has been here from the beginning and Belonging bc she’s part of the cosmos and so are we.

- Karen
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